The Bergeron Family of Companies: Shaping the landscape of Florida since 1965.

Ronald M. Bergeron, Sr., founder of Bergeron Land Development and the Bergeron Family of Companies, began his career in 1962 by clearing five acres of land in Davie, Florida with only a machete, an axe, a rope and an old Mercury truck. He then took his $235 earnings and invested in a 1943 Ford Ferguson tractor which he used to help farmers plant orange groves and clear tracts for pasture land for cattle.

Soon after, when the orange and cattle industry began to decline, Mr. Bergeron traded his tractor for a bulldozer and, with mixed emotions, leveled some of the very groves he helped to plant in order to make way for the housing boom. As the housing market grew, he ventured into the quarry business providing raw rock material needed for buildings and state highways.

In 1965, Bergeron Land Development, Inc. (BLD) was incorporated and, since then, few businesses have impacted the landscape of Florida and the lives of its residents more. As one of the most highly respected and largest site development and roadway contractors in the state, Bergeron has grown communities, expanded commerce and improved commutes – all while protecting Florida’s environmentally sensitive ecosystem.

Over the next two decades, Bergeron-led projects and developments continued to flourish and expand and, in 1989, Bergeron Properties and Investments Corporation was founded. Today, Bergeron Properties manages more than 35 companies in Florida, Georgia and Michigan. In addition to being a certified contractor, Ron Bergeron, Sr., is either president or CEO of those 35 companies.

The Bergeron Family invites you to learn more about how we work and what is important to us.